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Photo Blog: Favorite LA Hiking Spots

We sure love hiking around here… From Culver City to Mount Baldy (and everywhere in between), Los Angeles boasts some of the best hikes around SoCal! Of course, we Angelenos know that hiking is appropriate any time of day and any time of year – beach side, mountain top or wherever! For this week’s photo blog, we’re taking a look at a few of our top spots around Culver City and the rest of LA for some good quality hiking! Can you name where these spots are? Comment to let us know if we missed any of your favorites. #LAhiking

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Eaton Canyon trail and waterfall sits within a 190-acre zoological, botanical, and geological nature preserve at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. 📍 For free parking, the tagged location will bring you to the Eaton Canyon Nature Center; my first Eaton Canyon post shows the falls during the drought, and its geotag is the exact site of the waterfall. The nature center was rebuilt in 1998 after the Altadena fire of October 27, 1993 burned the original building to the ground. 📌 You can also park further north on N. Altadena Drive if you want to take the less hiked route through the wash zone, or to access the gated Pinecrest entrance near the bridge (turn right on Crescent, then right again on Pinecrest). Using the bridge route will take ~1 mile off of the trek, and I’d recommend going bright and early to avoid the midday crowds.

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The secret rock pools near Thousands Steps Beach collect saltwater during high tide and stay warm under the hot sun. This rock outcropping that rises and stretches behind a cave at the south end of the beach has been well known by Laguna Beach residents for years. While the cave alone is appealing to visitors, these man-made pools with sand bottoms carved in rock just north of Lighthouse Cove are even more tempting. ⚠ The way to the pools is treacherous because the rocks are jagged, slippery and moss-covered. Locals will even avoid an area where deaths have occurred called the “blow-hole,” which separates the small pool from the two larger ones. Lifeguards make several rescues there each year. 🚫 The swimming pools and the area above them are private property and marked with no-trespassing signs. OC Lifeguards are overwhelmed by the flocks of visitors, and have posted a sign near the cave entrance this summer to warn anyone going to the pools of the dangers and criminal consequence involved. 📍 Beachgoers can park on Coast Hwy or in the neighborhoods above on 8th, 9th, and 10th Avenues. Follow 9th Ave towards the beach to find the string of 200+ steps leading down. Once on the beach go to your left (south) until you come across the sea cave. Head through the cave, which is easiest during low tide, and continue along the sea-side rocks. After ~1/4 mile, you’ll get to the highest point of the hike where the pools are visible. At this point getting down to the base of the pools will require some rock climbing. 🌟 If you’re adamant about finding the secret pools I highly recommend researching the area thoroughly, and being aware of tidal changes as well as current ocean swells.

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