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Where Can You Find The Best Grilled Cheese In Culver City?

We shined a spotlight on pizza last week… but now for something a little differet! In honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (yes, that’s actually a thing), we got to thinking; where are the best grilled cheese joints here in Culver City? Well no one likes a food challenge more than this office so we were out the door before the boss could even say yes to find them. Good news: here they are. Bad news: I’m stuffed right now.


First up, a big Culver City-styled shout out goes to Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese. Wow, they’re good – which is what you hope for when your entire name focuses on one thing. The prices aren’t brilliant – we spent $29 for 2 sammiches, fries and a soda – but the food is delicious. As far as comfort food goes, not much beats a grilled cheese and tomato soup and they do both excellently. By the way, if you do go check out the fries too – they come with aoli sauce and it makes for a great combination. You can also create your own melt so be as creative as you can!


Have you tried the Blind Barber yet? It’s like a little speakeasy with decently priced drinks. You enter what looks like a closed barber shop where a bouncer waits inside to check your ID before you go through to the back. It can get pretty crowded but it’s well worth the wait. Once in you can get your hands on their grilled cheese sandwiches and oh! Wow! Taste thrills await; from the truffle grilled cheese to the grilled cheese and turkey. It’s loaded with personality and we will be going back (and back).


We next tried The Carving Board and we’re so glad we did. How many types of grilled cheese sandwiches await you there? Let’s list some: Crabcake, French Onion, Ham, Margherita, Swiss Beef, and Buffalo! The food was amazing – about the only thing we found to grouch about was the parking but that shouldn’t affect the taste (and it doesn’t!). Definitely put this on your list of places to go.


And there you go! We hope you celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day in style and enjoyed any one of the great places we checked out for you right here in sunny Culver City.