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A Dodgers Fan’s Guide to the World Series


The time has come! Our Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series in 1988, and now it’s time for Victory, Round 2! It’s been nearly 30 years, and our city has been itching for a winning streak… and we’re expecting that it will absolutely happen for our team this go ‘round!

  • Keep a schedule. We’re betting this series goes for all seven games, since our rivals are a close match for our team. You won’t want to miss one of the games, so plan your viewing spots and parties now, before the Houston Astros fans beat you to it!
  • Avoid traffic where you can. The area around Dodger Stadium and the 5 can get pretty bad as it is… now add some thousands of fans into the mix. We suggest a route through another part of town if you’re coming from East LA any time soon.
  • It’s not too late to get tickets. We recommend verified third-party sources like StubHub or TodayTix… but be ready to pay a pretty penny. We recommend watching at home from the comfort of your couch at Access Culver City!
  • Celebrate responsibly. Of course, be sure to get a designated driver (or Uber or Lyft), take precautions to celebrate with care for the community, and don’t forget that we share our space with the rest of our city. There are many ways to celebrate in style, so let’s make it a community-wide hoorah!

There’s nothing quite as exciting or nerve-wracking as a World Series appearance, but we have full confidence if anyone can do, our Dodgers can! All around Culver City and the rest of Los Angeles, we’ll be showing our team spirit – and we’re sure you will be, too. Here at Access Culver City, we love to showcase team pride, so be sure to snap some pics and share with us, so we can post to social or the blog. Go Dodgers, go!