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Going Vegan & Vegetarian in Culver City

Everyone’s talking about going vegan these days. The rise in popular docs like “What The Health” on Netflix have everyone talking about veganism and going vegetarian. Here at Access Culver City, we’re all about prioritizing health. So, if this is something you’re considering, we’re here to tell you that Culver City is a great spot to be a vegan or a vegetarian.

In our blog this week, we’re giving you a few pointers on going vegan or vegetarian (as well as some vegetarian and vegan spots in Culver City). From restaurants to lifestyle choices, there’s lots to think about… we’re glad to help make that transition easier for you!

  • Don’t listen to the critics. You have to do what you feel is best for your own health and beliefs. Any life choices will always have a few critics, so be confident in what you feel is right, and you’ll find your crew around you to support you.
  • Plan ahead before going out to eat. Call the restaurant, check Yelp, pack a picnic lunch, ask a friend, etc… there are so many ways to ensure you’re not caught off guard by the menu anywhere you visit.
  • Be prepared for questions. The best way to make your change something you stick to is to know the WHY behind what you’re doing. Veganism and vegetarianism are great options for some people, so do your research and enjoy the dialogue it opens up.
  • Try a few vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Culver City. Los Angeles is home to so many fantastic places, but a few of our favorites in our little corner of the city are some neighborhood classics. We love places like Sage Vegan Bistro, Govinda’s Indian Buffet, LA Vegan, and Green Peas Casual Food (all within just a few blocks or miles from us) – and we hope you will find lots to love there, too!


There you have it! If you’ve got your own tips for vegans or vegetarian restaurant recommendations in Culver City or anywhere else in LA, we want to hear them. Share your thoughts with us, and we’ll be happy to feature you. Cheers!