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LA Studio Tours (Including Culver City)

Ah, studio tours – the pinnacle of Los Angeles life! Who doesn’t love a little taste of Old Hollywood with a tour of one of the classic spots where some of our favorite films were shot? Film buffs and movie freaks that we are, heading to one of the studios is always a fantastic day! Of course, even if you’re not a movie lover, there’s plenty to love about touring one of these places, from the history of cinema to the art of making movies to the experience of walking the steps so many others have walked before.

For this week’s blog, we’re offering a few beginner’s tips to touring one (or all) of the movie studios around the various neighborhoods of Los Angeles! Just a few tips, thoughts, and tricks that make up a “highlight reel”… you’ll have to go to get the full film experience! 🙂 Here in Culver City, we’ve got just the right spot to get acquainted with studio visits, too!

  • Sony Pictures. First up, Culver City’s own Sony, just down the road from us at Access Culver City. Wander into the lobby, and there are lots of film artifacts, costumes, replicas, and classic posters you can browse through before even taking the tour. Sign up for a tour ahead of time, then enjoy lunch on the lot, too.
  • Planning ahead when heading to the San Fernando Valley is important – not only is there lots of traffic, but you’ll want to make the most of your time heading to that side of town. If you’re going to head up to Disney or Warner Brothers, we recommend taking the whole day off (avoiding some of the weekend crowds) and planning to do both! Bonus: you’ll be right near Universal Studios, so make a stop at CityWalk for some good eats, or head over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
  • Catch a taping around Paramount Studios. Yes, Paramount Pictures has the studio tours everyone loves, but this spot is also one of our favorite places for catching a taping. Whether you want to watch a network hit or a late night laugh-fest (James Corden, anyone?!) then this is the place for you. has tickets in advance usually, and you’ll want to plan to arrive early to get your spot and make a day of it. You’ll never forget your first time in the audience!


Any advice for making the most of your time while touring any of the LA studios? Share that advice with us, and we’ll include in in future posts. Until then, lights.. camera… and ACTION, on having the best time, that is. Cheers!