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Your Guide to DIY Apartment Decor

Everybody loves fall, that glorious time of year where we get to celebrate all things harvest and all-hallows-related! From the pumpkin spice scent in the air to the spooky decor in every store you step foot in, there’s a tangible presence of the autumn season,... MORE >

Culver City’s Best Burgers

Like any good, meat-loving citizen, we sure do love our burgers! Sure, we extolled the virtues of eating vegan and vegetarian around this part of LA (it’s a great lifestyle) in a previous blog post… but for those of you who choose to be meat-eaters... MORE >

LA Studio Tours (Including Culver City)

Ah, studio tours – the pinnacle of Los Angeles life! Who doesn’t love a little taste of Old Hollywood with a tour of one of the classic spots where some of our favorite films were shot? Film buffs and movie freaks that we are, heading... MORE >

Photo Blog: Culver City Coffee and Cafes

One of our favorite things about Culver City is the accessibility to myriad coffee shops and cafes around our city. Any Angeleno knows that we’re in a great spot to get that caffeine fix that we all crave any given morning (or afternoon, whatever your... MORE >

The LA Hiker’s Checklist of Essentials

So you say you’re in the mood for a hike? Well, then you’ve come to the right spot! We here at Access Culver City have extolled the virtues of hiking in some of our previous blog posts – but today we’re going to skip the... MORE >

Going Vegan & Vegetarian in Culver City

Everyone’s talking about going vegan these days. The rise in popular docs like “What The Health” on Netflix have everyone talking about veganism and going vegetarian. Here at Access Culver City, we’re all about prioritizing health. So, if this is something you’re considering, we’re here... MORE >

Part 2: Photo Blog of Dodger Game Memories

We’ve gone over the tips to have a great night out at Dodger Stadium. Now it’s time to look at the highlight reel. Fun times cheering on our Los Angeles Dodgers are a given… but how do you choose favorites? We’ll figure that out another... MORE >

A Day at Dodger Stadium

Dodger fans, unite! Here in Los Angeles, we sure love our Dodgers games, the nights out at Dodger Stadium as memorable as the sunset over the Pacific. Making the drive over from Culver City isn’t too bad either, dependent on the time you leave (that... MORE >

Craft Beer Around Culver City and LA

Nothing says refreshment quite like a nice cold craft beer, does it? Thankfully, in these hot summer months in Los Angeles, we’ve got plenty of drinkable options to keep you hydrated and make your palate water with anticipation. For this week’s blog, we’re counting down... MORE >

Photo Blog: Favorite LA Hiking Spots

We sure love hiking around here… From Culver City to Mount Baldy (and everywhere in between), Los Angeles boasts some of the best hikes around SoCal! Of course, we Angelenos know that hiking is appropriate any time of day and any time of year –... MORE >