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Your Guide to DIY Apartment Decor

Everybody loves fall, that glorious time of year where we get to celebrate all things harvest and all-hallows-related! From the pumpkin spice scent in the air to the spooky decor in every store you step foot in, there’s a tangible presence of the autumn season, and we can’t get enough.


One of the best parts of living at Access Culver City is getting to have your own space to decorate however you’d like. With an apartment here, you can show your fall pride by getting your DIY side on! Not feeling crafty? We’ve got some fun and easy tips for you to make Do-It-Yourself decor fun and hassle-free, so you can decorate your space in a way that represents your love for fall and doesn’t take a lot of time or money.


  • Shop in bulk. Whether you’re making toilet-paper mummies (bonus: use the rolls to make little spooky ghost or monster decorations), or you’re putting out bowls of candy corn, you’ll want to make sure you have enough to go around. Our apartments are spacious, so don’t be caught empty-handed with your supplies!
  • Put a personal touch on your crafts. The world of DIY is full of competition – but what we find most important is that you just be yourself and express YOU with your decorations. Everybody’s seen a Pinterest fail – but what really matters and stands the test of time is what’s authentic and made with care. Go ahead and string up lead garland if that’s what represents you best.
  • Spice up your wine bottle holders with fall colors, make pumpkin candy-dishes out of terra cotta pots, or use mason jars as fall-themed candle holders. Lots of indoor hospitality items could use a little autumn touch.
  • Visit Pinterest to get step-by-step instructions. Sure, we’ve got lots of ideas, but we always need help with the execution – that’s what Pinterest is for!
  • Fall leaves make the best papier mache. Moisten the leaves and let them dry on the side of a balloon in layers. Once dry, pop the balloon, and you’ve got yourself a small bowl or large dish made entirely out of fall leaves.
  • Got old clothes? Stuff them with newspapers to make a scarecrow – bonus if you want to give it a scary face to give your friends a fright!
  • Paint acorns or pine cones, decorate with birch bark or burlap, and find a visual motif that works for your style. You’ve got the materials and colors, now get creative with where you want to display them to see.
  • Who says plants and veggies can’t be decor? After all, everyone loves pumpkins, gourds, and squashes on a fall table – especially when they complement the rest of the room.


Ready to put some of these tips into practice? Try your hand at some of these DIY tricks, start a Pinterest board with more ideas, shoot us a few pics of how you’ve done, and we may even feature them on social media or a future blog. Happy autumn, everyone!