Self-Guided Tours

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Tour24 is the new app for self-guided apartment tours that makes it faster and easier to rent an apartment. We know life is busy, and with Tour24 you can look when you want and without any pressure.

Access Culver City has partnered with Tour24 to provide self-guided, in-person tours so that you can tour the community on your own while guided by an app downloaded to your smartphone. Learn about the features and amenities at your pace, and see as much or as little as you wish. Schedule your self-guided tour today.

Step by Step

  • 1 - Give Your Info

    Fill out your guest card form through our partners at Tour24.

  • 2 - Take a Selfie

    Tour24 verifies your ID, credit card and facial recognition (your credit card will not be charged).

  • 3 - Make a Date

    Choose your day and time to visit. Tour24 confirms via email (the email tells you how to download the app, necessary for your tour).

  • 4 - Check Your Email

    Open the Tour24 email to download the Property App and Tour24 Apartment Door Lock App (sign in with the same info from registration).


Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my ID verify?

Enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID. If your license shows “Benjamin,” your form will be rejected if you enter “Ben.”

Why should I download the apps from Tour24?

You will need the Unlock app to get inside the community, but you’ll want to follow the instructions form your email to download the self-guided tour app. It’s full of helpful tips about the neighborhood, the community, and model home that you’ll want to hear about. It will tell you all of the features with a simple Bluetooth connection.

Why won’t my building code work?

Typically, entering the code too quickly or without using the # symbol first is the cause of the problem. Please try again and press the symbol # first and then the 4-digit code (example #1234). If this does not work after a couple of times, you may call Tour24 at 1.888.297.7411

Why do you need my credit card information?

There is no charge for the tour. We will verify that the credit card is valid and active. If there should be any damages incurred with your tour, we reserve the right to charge the damages to your credit card. *you may see a temporary $1 charge during the process, but that is immediately removed when you complete your registration.

Tour yourself


Your Time. Your Tour.

Let your phone be your tour guide. With Tour24, everything you'll need to learn about your new community is in the palm of your hand.